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 #25801  by AaroKin
 Thu Apr 01, 2021 7:46 pm
I've wanted this figure for so long now and snapped him up as soon as I saw him on Trade Me.

I was wanting to paint him the same way as the Kenner mock-up but now I actually have him in my hands I'm going to keep him as is.....he's to cool to paint.

I know he's not an official Star Wars character but seeing as this figure was the first one ever used to represent Han (Luke) in plastic form he's definitely going into the collection.....Luke's mock-up figure looks like they used the same character but it's Han who always stood out to me.

I would like to track down Obi-Wan, and Leia because they don't look to be altered much from the Fisher Price Adventure People they were based on but the others look way to kit-bashed.
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 #25804  by AaroKin
 Thu Apr 01, 2021 11:27 pm
I've read in so many articles and posts that the vintage line was 3.75" because when Kenner President Bernie Loomis was asked by a toy designer how big they should be he held up his hand and said this tall, so the designer measured the gap between his thumb and finger.

I always thought that was cool but after seeing the Adventure People (that Kenner had to be aware of) and the fact the mock-ups were based on these figures I'm starting to think that's a bit of retro-active history lol It's a great story though and just adds to the Star Wars toy history.
 #25889  by AaroKin
 Mon Aug 02, 2021 3:10 am
I picked up another Adventure Person that Kenner used to mock-up the original Star wars figures.

Obi-Wan was one of the figures I really wanted and was so happy to grab him. I always thought that Kenner did a leg swap with the Fisher Price character that was wearing flared pants but if you look closely at the bottom of the mock-up Obi-Wans legs you can actually see theyve added on the flares themselves.
 #25905  by AaroKin
 Wed Sep 01, 2021 5:26 am
I picked up another Fisher Price Adventure Person off Trade-Me, this time it's the figure I think Kenner used for Obi-Wans legs.

I said earlier that in the original picture it looked like they sculped his legs but now I'm sure I was completely wrong lol.

The figure I have has legs that have similar marks on them and the shoes are a perfect match so I'm sure it's the legs they used for the Obi-Wan mock up.