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 #25558  by AaroKin
 Sat May 30, 2020 4:19 am
The Warehouse are selling off a selection of Star Wars Ships for $15 and even though I already have one I couldn't pass up an A-Wing for that price.
 #25560  by cloneone44
 Sat May 30, 2020 5:56 am
Thanks AroKin. A second A-wing won't hurt. I'll have to visit a few local Auckland stores tomorrow and see if they have them.

They have been on The Warehouse website on-line purchase only at that price for a while however it was randomly picked so you never knew what you would get. So I never bothered. :cry:
 #25561  by AaroKin
 Sat May 30, 2020 6:09 am
- I got my first A-Wing for $25 and thought that was a bargain lol

- I know exactly how you feel about the Warehouses 'We can't guarantee which item you receive' sales rule. Ive not brought anything off their online store for a while....Im a converted Toyco guy :lol:

They're also practically giving away these larger, talking Kylo Ren figures for $10.....Im really surprised these didn't sell because I got one a while ago and really like it.
 #25563  by AaroKin
 Sat May 30, 2020 11:56 pm
I just picked up a Kylo Ren lightsaber for $15......im really loving the Warehouse bargains.

As a collector I liking all the sales but as a Star Wars fan it's depressing to see products on the shelves for years and not selling.
 #25564  by cloneone44
 Sun May 31, 2020 1:17 am
Raced into Albany this morning expecting to have to go to 5 Warehouses before finding the A-Wing. Picked up the last one on the shelf.

Agree with AaroKin that its sad to see so much stock still on the shelf however as a new collector and seeing so often on YouTube, the huge specials they have in America, it's great to be able to grab a few deals for a change. My weekly allowance from my wife only goes so far. Haha.

Picked up the Galactic Hereos AT-AT as well. Huge saving.
Galactic Heroes ATAT.jpg
 #25565  by AaroKin
 Sun May 31, 2020 1:39 am
I picked up a Galatic Hero's At-At as well.....have to hide it from my son (Dad of the year) hahaha
 #25566  by MattG
 Sun May 31, 2020 3:05 am
The Black Series The Child figure is starting to ship from The Warehouse for those who preordered. Not available in stores apparently. Also at Mighty Ape, but their release date is a bit later (may be updated) https://www.mightyape.co.nz/product/sta ... ?r=1755803
 #25568  by AaroKin
 Sun May 31, 2020 5:03 am
That's awesome to hear......I pre-ordred mine off The Warehouse site (and totally forgot about it lol) so hopefully he turns up on Tuesday.

*just checked my order and he's on the way haha*
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