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 #17321  by Anaria
 Sat Jun 13, 2015 6:43 am
I can't wait to see what they reveal on the 15th! I've really enjoyed the Forged Alliances story arc, and can't wait to see the next chapter :D
 #17354  by MattG
 Mon Jun 15, 2015 9:00 pm
Some crazy big changes to the basic format of The Old Republic have just been revealed at E3, under the banner/title "Knights of the Fallen Empire", including an inducement for new players, allowing a character to start at level 60 to get straight in to the new content. If you haven't played before, this sounds like an opportunity to get involved easily. Available in October (no additional cost to subscribers).

 #17768  by Anaria
 Mon Jul 20, 2015 7:06 pm
Game update 3.3 is coming tonight, with the new playable race togruta! The Facebook page has posted a new pic of a male togruta with options not seen in game yet, very cool. Can't wait to play around with the character creator - I have 2 slots saved for new togruta toons :)

 #17896  by Dawfydd
 Sat Aug 01, 2015 1:17 am
MY GOD, if they didn't kill of Malgus that'd be great.
I always hated their poor choices to kill both Revan and Malgus in Dungeons before the raids, or even omit them being leaders in each camp, But now it seems neither died, it was merely a setback *cough* Kael'thas *cough*

I might have a look see how the landscape looks once my computer isn't going to explode, But i didn't like the money cap for free to play, players having been a sub before and hoarded much millions (which i spread the wealth for free to play) but i always thought the subs should get something more than just normal featured enabled for paying a price and give everyone no cap, and no mail limit, coins were a decent idea, i bet i have a bunch saved from the time not playing just from my auth.

I still think it'd be more interesting though harder to pull off, if you could at some stage switch factions, after all the classes are just clones, It'd be interesting to see Dark Jedi on the sith side and Sith helping the republic..
I guess its a little harder to change up faction because of all the companion interactions and quests and such.
 #20618  by Fairtex
 Thu Dec 17, 2015 7:07 am
With the Star War fever at a high, it has made me want to come back and play this game. I did love the game a lot which sparked me completing the entire VOTC line. But due external circumstances, I never finished it. I was only a few levels from max at the time. Can't quite remember what as I've just logged in and it's doing a massive update.

I've been wanting to come back for sometime but when I see the new expansions that came out during my hiatus from the game, I get a bit overwhelmed on where to start so I just pass.

I would like to get a guide on the fastest way to get to current max level s I can wear the best gear and the fastest way to get the best gear in the game. If it's anything like Destiny, I'm guessing the latest Raid (or something similar) drops the best loot?

I'm playing as a Jedi Sentinel and would like to continue with this character. Only 1 character at the moment. What's the best character to play with at the moment?

Any help would be appreciated.

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