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 #25927  by cloneone44
 Sat Sep 25, 2021 8:06 am
Hi All. I've recently started to collect Star Wars Helmets, mostly Black Series wearable helmets, with a few Hasbro toy Clone Troopers which I intend to repaint in some popular squadron unit colours. At 11 helmets, its starting to look impressive.

Alas, I think I've almost reached my limit from EB, Toyco, Pop Guardian and Popcuthcha, with only a couple more Black Series left to purchase. I have a few on my 'Must Have' list Inferno Squadron, AT-AT Driver, and Imperial Tie Fighter Pilot. These I'm guessing, I'll have to get from overseas.

I hoping another collector in NZ has had experience purchasing helmets from overseas manufacturers and if so can stare me to a reliable source that's of reasonable quality and price.

I've found a few on line including, SPbAirsoft, Rusotech, Denuo Novo, Anovos, Samoilovart, and RS Prop Masters.

I know Rexin-Around on You-Tube will be doing a Helmet review very soon. As a collector with around 48 helmets, Michael's sure to have his favourites. I know Samoilovart is one but you have to be fast when they put helmets up for sale on Esty.

Thanks for any help, and advice.
 #25930  by MattG
 Sat Sep 25, 2021 10:39 pm
There are many good quality fan replicas out there, and they have been well analysed for accuracy among 501st and other costuming fans. First question that you need to consider is do you want a finished helmet off the shelf, or are you okay with a kitset? The best source, or at least the range of options, will vary for different helmets.

Regarding TIE Pilot and AT-AT I have recently purchased from MonCal (aka Far Away Creations). They have had trouble with long delivery times in the past, but if you buy via their Etsy store, you will get something that is ready to ship rather than waiting on a list. They make excellent TIE/AT-AT/Naval Trooper/Snowtrooper helmets. I got a Naval Trooper helmet from them, and it is absolutely top of the line (took about 4 weeks to get in hand from time of payment). I will likely be going to them for a TIE helmet in a little while. RSPropMasters also make a great TIE (with screen-used lineage), but they are quite a price jump up from MonCal. AFAIK, MonCal actually contributed to the prototypes for a few of the helmets that Anovos were working on.

You can't buy from Anovos direct anymore... they affectively sold to Rubies/NECA and were renamed Denuo Novo. Denuo Novo will be expanding their range over the next little while, but don't include TIE/AT-AT just yet.
 #25933  by MattG
 Sat Sep 25, 2021 11:18 pm
Helmet collecting is definitely addictive - we're not the biggest helmet collector's in the country, but at last count have something like 18 wearable helmets in the house, with a few more inbound.
 #25941  by cloneone44
 Fri Oct 01, 2021 12:47 am
Thanks Matt for the direction. There's so much scum and villainy out there.

After a few Hasbro toy helmets made their way to the display shelf, and then Black Series, you're correct that it's addictive and they display so well. Hoping the chrome TBS Mando Helmet arrives in a few days.

I did see some sellers have both finished and raw helmets. I think for the more complicated designs I'd go with the finished. Less complicated like Clones, a raw helmet would be great, even to created a unique design. I have a new spray gun somewhere at a courier depot. Was ordered before lockdown and now sits somewhere under a pile no doubt waiting to see the light again. My first time with a spray gun, so will be keen to try. I actually purchased it for the Star Destroyer.

Thanks again. I'll start saving and try my luck with an AT-AT driver.
 #25945  by cloneone44
 Sun Oct 03, 2021 8:16 am
Thanks Matt
Nice helmet. So many in the SW universe. Going to try my hand at making a few of the less difficult, while I save $'s. This new side line could bankrupt me. :)

The MonCal site gave me a few other ideas. Cheers.