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 #852  by MattG
 Wed May 19, 2010 9:42 pm
Most members here will be familiar with the use of bbCode to format their messages (and there FAQ section describing how to use them can be read here).

Not all forums have the same set of bbCode options installed, however, so I'll list the more unique ones here (for the list of standard bbCodes, and details on their usage, refer to the FAQ).
Code: Select all
...renders as strikethrough.
Code: Select all
...embeds a youtube video, based on that video's 11-digit identifier (found in the URL for that video page).. Described in detail here.
Code: Select all
...embeds a googlevideo vid, based on that video's 18-digit numeric identifier (after docid=- in the URL).
Code: Select all
[center]centered text[/center]
...centers text on a line
(can also center an image or embedded video).
Code: Select all
[sub]sub[/sub]script text
...renders as subscript text.
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[super]super[/super]script text
...renders as superscript text.
 #853  by MattG
 Wed May 19, 2010 10:28 pm
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[spoiler]Hidden spoiler text goes here[/spoiler]
...renders as...[spoiler]Hidden spoiler text goes here[/spoiler]
Code: Select all
[rainbow]rainbow text[/rainbow]
...renders as .