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 #24698  by oota goota
 Mon Jun 04, 2018 8:41 pm
wow it was a busy week for Han Solo! He picks up his surname, his iconic blaster, his co-pilot, his iconic ship, his friendship with Lando, kick starts the rebellion and makes the kessel run all in one go!

I've only seen the film once and like you MG I didn't really notice any pacing issues I quite like a slow start to films.

The first half of this film was lots of fun and it did evoke a sense of nostalgia
Loved seeing the imperial army doing it's thing in mud, very real world
Han and Chewie's first meeting worked well I thought. It was funny and irreverent without undermining the OT. Part of the Lord and Miller cut? their whole relationship was well done very believeable
Donald Glover's Lando was excellent he really brought something to the role

Not sure how I feel about L3 but the breakout scene on Kessel was really good very star warsy :)

Ok the bad bits for me:

The desaturated colouring of the film was distracting. Why did they make almost every scene dark and full of shadow? I thought it detracted from the film they should have backed it up a bit

Alden's performance was....pretty good? not bad? I don't think he knocked it out of the park. And sorry to say folks I think Ingruber would have done a much better job. Disney have gone out of their way to make these new films feel and look like the old, imitating and replicating the smallest detail. Why not get someone who actually looks and sounds like Harrison Ford? There's artistry in imitation I reckon he would have delivered an amazing performance.

And finally yes the callbacks were fun to see this is how they meet, this is how he gets the falcon (yay old school EU) but cramming every single Han Solo' thing into one film that spans a very short time makes the it more about fan service than making a good movie or believeable character. It's pretty clear that Disney aren't worried about this kind of thing in this latest batch of films which is a damned shame.

I know this is a larger debate about the quality of Disney films so I wont keep going :P Overall I thought it was one of the better offerings from Disney so far.

I find myself enjoying the side films a lot more than the new trilogy. anyone else?
 #24706  by Reverend Strone
 Wed Jun 06, 2018 2:45 am
oota goota wrote:I find myself enjoying the side films a lot more than the new trilogy. anyone else?
Yep. Same here. I certainly didn't hate either sequel film, but I enjoy the one-offs much more because they don't have to follow the same well-worn path and can tell their own, contained, short stories. :) They just feel so much more fresh to me.
 #24865  by MattG
 Sat Sep 22, 2018 7:37 am
Although it has some annoying hard-coded adverts in it, this video includes multiple deleted scenes from Solo. In the "Battle of Mimban: Extended" scene that starts at about the 5min mark, the big guy with the rotary cannon (Korso) was played by John Tui, a kiwi. Shame his scenes were (mostly) cut.