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 #24512  by suburban_ennui
 Thu Dec 14, 2017 5:45 am
I really enjoyed it. Tonally, it was really different to all the other films. Like, The Force Awakens *felt* a lot like ANH, whereas this just felt really different.

Things I really liked:

* The initial space battle with the Resistance bombers and A-Wings.

* Rey's origin story is that she has no origin story. I was deeply dubious of all the (dumb) fan theories about and Ben being siblings, or her being a mystery Kenobi kid, or whatever. I really liked the fact that she was just who she was, and there wasn't some massive family legacy hidden in there.

* Adam Driver is still amazing as Ben/Kylo. That fight in Snoke's chambers ... I was *so* rooting for her and Rey to join up. The chemistry between them was incredible and I really couldn't work out what he'd do.

* Mark Hamill was outstanding as Luke-as-antihero. And his "appearance" of Krayt was awesome. He looked so cool in those scenes, and he "earned" his death.

* It was interesting seeing The Force do different things to what we've seen before.

* Porgs.


* The Resistence-in-space scene felt more Battlestar Galactica than Star Wars. I just didn't think the tension of them being chased was worked as well as it could. Also, RIP Admiral Ackbar. Always my favourite minor character.

* The Canto Bright scenes seemed kinda pointless. Like, they could have avoided half an hour of narrative by just having a "slicer" on the Resistance ship. And my brother, who has speech disfluency (AKA a stutter) had this to say: "ut morally dubious characters with speech disfluency is not okay. I know it’s a vested interest of mine but there’s a long history of linking stammers and stutters to mental or moral weakness" - which is fair enough. It's the ablist version of Empire's only black character being the double-crosser, I guess.

* Jury is out on Yoda
 #24513  by badges2nz
 Thu Dec 14, 2017 6:37 am
For the most part I liked it and probably like everyone else will have to see it again and again.
One thing I will look out for was the short scene with maz was she wearing a mini X-3 rocketeer pack?
 #24514  by Andiamo
 Thu Dec 14, 2017 8:39 am
Dusted The Last Jedi today

Loved a lot of TLJ.. mainly first quarter and 3rd quarter. Middle of the film was a bit weak i.e Canto Bight. Refreshing take on the legend of Luke Skywalker and Hamill was excellent and Carrie did well. Adam Driver top notch. Thought Daisy was a tad inconsistent. Bit of a BSG vibe going on with the Resistence fleeing across space. Snoke was Snoke. Left the cinema not really sure about where the Episode 9 goes from here.... could go in any direction.
On first viewing I’ll give TLJ a solid B+.
 #24515  by kyloren
 Thu Dec 14, 2017 9:36 am
More thoughts:

Why would Luke throw the lightsabre over his shoulder? That was a cheap joke.

If he truly hated it, he would have turned around and tossed it into the sea.

If he detested it, he would have let it drop straight from his fingers.

Over the shoulder was like... "Meh."


- - - - - -

If Luke wants to get away from The Force, why does he move to an island which has a deep Dark Side presence underground??
 #24516  by Darth Kenny
 Thu Dec 14, 2017 6:35 pm
So I’m a little disappointed. Firstly I’d like to be converted and I’ll watch it again to see if it grows on me. Maybe I’d waited so long and hyped my self up so much that I could only be disappointed. I had no expectations for rogue one and loved it.

The prank phone call to start set it bad for me, like a 12 year olds joke.

Then I visibly cringed when Leia flew back. The same plot device could have been accomplished by having someone sacrifice them self and her stating inside.

Then The whole chase. The rebel cruiser had enough speed to just get to the edge of range then the speeds exactly matched again???

Hux??? Should have been the third most powerful person in the galaxy was a comedic part. Couldn’t make a good tactical decision? Send all the fighters for a handful of cruisers and who cares about the losses. Jumped a couple of destroyers ahead to cut them off??? So many options it makes the story line too weak for my liking.

Holdo had poor management skills. She was probably right but useless at managing it.

Who were these surpossed allies they were hoping would come to save them? If they were going to be any good they would have had to have been bigger than the resistance, and as such probably more important in the galaxy than Leia’s cell.

That set the mood down for me. I wanted some answers, didn’t feel like any came out.

Pretty sure when kylo says her parents were nothing, he was lying. Just like likes dad being a freighter pilot. Nothings on jakau selling her for water wouldn’t have flow away on a ship.

The humor from the caretakers was a good level, bit too much cheese from luke.

I liked DJ and rose was good up until she stopped Poe saving the day.

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 #24518  by batmanreturns
 Thu Dec 14, 2017 7:41 pm
i havent seen TLJ yet. hoping to go shortly.
the last time i went to the movies,i was set upon by a bunch of warner brother execs,and a guy named zac snyder,
and brutalized for around two hours.
gonna wait till the swelling in my eyes improves before i go back to the scene of the crime. :p
 #24519  by oota goota
 Thu Dec 14, 2017 8:37 pm
Just saw it last night. I had quite a mixed reaction to the film. It's amazing how loaded going to see a SW film is these days. I am trying to let go of all the expectation and just go watch the damned thing ha!

Some awesome moments in this film. Anything with Mark Hamill in it was fantastic I enjoyed the exploration of the force and the advancement of the story.

Definitely worth another watch before coming to any big conclusions about this film but here's a "yay" and "boo" list for what it's worth:

Everything with Luke in it
Most things with Leia in it
Kylo and Ren's scenes
The Falcon still the baddest ship in the galaxy!

Bloody soft reboot of ESB and ROTJ totally unnecessary
Finn and Rose
Snoke. Created just to have someone for kylo to kill. clumsy plot device
A lot of the humour pulled me out of the movie and scene. I don't understand why they would want the audience to do that
The had way too much in it. They just seem to want to cram as much stuff into these films as possible.

ok that'll do!
 #24520  by MattG
 Thu Dec 14, 2017 9:42 pm
This was a huge spoiler for a non-SW Fan host to drop on live TV. The video in the article has Boyega's reaction, but the text indicates what the spoiler was...

https://geektyrant.com/news/john-boyega ... on-live-tv

I enjoyed that I saw Yoda on screen without having heard confirmation beforehand (also really like the "Help Me Obi-Wan Kenobi" message).
 #24521  by r2d2
 Thu Dec 14, 2017 10:11 pm
After watching it twice now and letting it sink in, I’m still loving it. Obviously didn’t laugh at the jokes the second time around and the atmosphere from the opening midnight screening was lost.
My only two parts I thought could be changed are the casino scene (or at least had a cameo from Lando at one of the gaming tables), and Luke dying of course, but I’m not totally gutted as he will no doubt will continue to return as a force ghost.