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 #24501  by MattG
 Mon Dec 11, 2017 11:10 pm

This is a thread to discuss Episode 8, for those who have seen the film. :)

If you haven't attended a screening yet, and don't want to encounter severe spoilers, do not proceed! :D





 #24503  by Armante
 Wed Dec 13, 2017 11:05 am
If I were to spoil this for anyone, I'm not sure I'd know where to start! :D
So much happened. So much was wrapped up, dealt with, moved on.

It hasn't really sunk in, and I'll see it again Thursday night at 7:30. A second viewing will help settle it in I'm sure.
But for now - wow. Some great stuff in there :)

I did love the look of the collision of the Resistance ship and Snoke's gigantic one. The sound design was excellent there.
 #24504  by MedicWilson
 Wed Dec 13, 2017 2:17 pm
Definitely more viewings are required to fully process the film.

I think what struck me the most was how different it felt from previous Star Wars films and this left me feeling a bit conflicted at first.

The English teacher in me is trying to decide the major themes if the film. I would have to say from my intial viewing that it was a story about 'learning' in a broad sense. So many characters are learning to deal with their new roles within this galactic conflict and confronting their own pasts.

Anyone else see any other major themes?
 #24505  by r2d2
 Wed Dec 13, 2017 3:28 pm
For me, I absolutely loved it. I thought it's one of the best Star Wars movies, a little cheesy in areas, but very entertaining until the end. It leaved me looking forward to seeing another screening with co workings tomorrow morning.
 #24506  by Eng76
 Wed Dec 13, 2017 6:47 pm
This felt very much like 2 movies rolled into one.

The two stories felt so different to me, it was jarring.

Story 1 - The Force: Rey, Kylo, Luke, Snoke, Yoda! This was brilliant, 9.5/10. It progressed the lore around the force in a very satisfying. The betrayal of Snoke by Kylo, mirrored Vader / Palpatine but with a more brutal conclusion. Kylo & Rey fighting side by side against the (very talented) Praetorian's was awesome. But to cap it off with Rey's realisation that Kylo had not turned to the light was fantastic.
Luke's journey was well constructed, from throwing the sabre over his shoulder, through to choosing the same sabre in his projection challenging Kylo. Hamil was amazing.
(With the sabre I would have loved to see the Porg accidentally turn it on while the other one was looking at it). Oh, and Porg BBQ - tasty!

Story 2 - The Resistance (or are they Rebels): This was a disjointed mess. While Leia & Holdo were fantastic, both in their personal characters & their relationship. The only part of Leia's story I didn't like was her spacewalk. While I understand that she needed to be put out of action, temporarily, this was cheesy - even her use of the Force felt, well, forced.
Poe ends up almost destroying the Resistance a couple of times with his recklessness. His reckless disregard for the lives of his soldiers / pilots is now his legacy, rather than the best pilot in the galaxy.
Finn & Rose's relationship was fine, but their mission was a farce. The time frame doesn't work. The horse's were a dumb distraction. The whole thing didn't work for me. In the Crait battle I am sure I saw a pilot fighting in the trench, which makes sense as there are no fighters to fly. But Finn (ex-Stormtrooper, with no previous pilot ability), and Rose (maintenance, not pilot), are flying the speeders. Just bad storytelling to make the heroes more heroic.
I did like DJ, he was the Han Solo of this movie. If you don't think Han would have sold out Luke & Obi-Wan if the Empire had offered him enough, you are crazy.

Overall I think this is an ok movie. I will see it again to see to see if my opinion changes, but right now it's only half great.
 #24507  by Greyz
 Wed Dec 13, 2017 9:59 pm
It was AWESOME! It had everything! unexpected heroes, twist, plots, deaths etc! It had me second guessing throughout the whole movie lol. The scenery, sound and settings were awesome too! Seeing Carrie in her last ever appearance was very sad and I loved the Mark and Leia scene cos it brought back memories of the Original sagas. :leia: :luke: :chewie: :c3po: :ackbar: :yoda: :r2leia: :han2: :victory: :love:
 #24508  by ZY-Fighter
 Wed Dec 13, 2017 10:00 pm
Armante wrote:I did love the look of the collision of the Resistance ship and Snoke's gigantic one. The sound design was excellent there.
I really enjoyed that moment too and I think I actually called out loud! The sound design throughout was fantastic - our local showed TFA at 9pm and that sounded great too, and there was some great bass which made you feel like you were there.

Yip, lots to process. It felt like a long movie but I enjoyed the length and didn't want it to end. I wish I'd not been visiting the Jedi Council Forums so much a few months back so things like Yoda weren't spoiled for me but, on the whole, there were lots of surprises.

I thought Leia's spacewalk was weird too and initially thought it was her death - given how much everyone talked up the size of her role this time round I felt that surely that wasn't the case - but throughout TFA I was waiting for her to use the Force so it was a satisfying moment.

I felt the porgs were given the right amount of screentime. I thought the BBQ scene was hilarious, as were Oliver the Screaming Porg's antics in the Falcon's cockpit.

Lots to think about. But I loved it.
 #24509  by Jazpink
 Wed Dec 13, 2017 10:10 pm
I still haven't processed how I feel about this movie. For parts of the first act it didn't quite feel like a Star Wars movie. Leia's space walk was a definite low light. I enjoyed Kylo and Rey teaming up together in the throne room scene, and the Crait battle. Rey was my highlight, Poe was a bit of a dick in this one. The Canto Bight plot line didn't make a while it of sense to me.
 #24510  by Greyz
 Wed Dec 13, 2017 10:39 pm
there were so many theories posted about this movie that would've made people, after seeing this movie, go back to their past comments and post and 'Delete' hahaha I remember seeing an angry post, after seeing the trailer, about the 'Porg' piloting the Falcon instead of Chewy lol, mind you, the trailer did throw us off a bit
 #24511  by kyloren
 Thu Dec 14, 2017 2:53 am
I’ll definitely need a 2nd, 3rd watch. First reactions:

-the light speed collision
-BB8 (especially saving Finn/Rose)
-Ren and Rey fighting together
-Luke’s last scene (but… see below)
-Hux “on hold” (well, the entire first scene really)
-the abrupt end of Snoke’s (and after all that speculating, haha)

-the casino and the horse racing

-I don’t know if I liked Holdo and her “twist”/relationship with Poe
-Poe must be a Sith, because he killed more good guys than the entire First Order
-I didn’t like the last scene with the kid (do we have to wait an entire generation before the Resistance fights back… again?)
-I think Chewie should have tried to eat a live Porg. It was grilled already… eat it!
-Was it really necessary to kill off almost the entire Resistance/Republic?
-If Yoda can come back, why doesn’t Anakin show up to Ren and say: “Stop this nonsense, grandson.”
-the to-and-fro via Force-Skype between Rey and Ren got a bit old.
-when Leia got blown into space and started to freeze over… that should have been the END! It was poignant until… you know what happened.
-Rey seemed to shoot around the universe at will. One moment on Ahch-to, the next with Snoke, the next on the salt planet.
-Rey didn’t seem like the same Rey.
-Why did Luke bother to send a hologram when he died anyway? We know that images/visions can transfer real elements (e.g. Ren’s wet hand).

Anyway, I’ll let it settle and go again in the weekend probably.