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 #22129  by Eng76
 Sun May 15, 2016 3:09 am
Due to blind box buying, I have a few double ups for sale.

TFA - sold as blind box, but actually labeled on outside of box.


2 1 x Kylo Ren
1 x FO Stormtrooper
1 x FO Snowtrooper SOLD
1 x FO Flametrooper SOLD

$14 each

The Stormtrooper & one of the Kylo's have been opened - there are limited editions of these & I had to check. The others are unopened.

OT - true blind boxes


Series 1
1 x Tie Pilot SOLD
3 2 x Stormtrooper
Series 2
1 x Snowtrooper SOLD

$13 each

These have all been opened, only so I could see what was inside.

Series 2
1 x Clone Trooper phase 1 SOLD
1 x Clone Trooper phase 2 SOLD

$12 each

These have been opened and set up so I could have look. Selling because I am trying to limit my collection. I'll get a pic up soon.

Pick up in Auckland. Happy to ship at buyers cost.

PM me for more info.
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